Jevons Global provides outsourced CIO, research and consulting services.

Outsourced CIO

Financial advisory groups employ our services as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

This service includes model portfolio strategy development and delivery.

Presently, we provide model portfolio services in these strategies:

  • Core Australian Equity – 20 Stock Concentrated Portfolio
  • Core USA Equity – 20 Stock Concentrated Portfolio
  • Core International Equity – 20 Stock Concentrated Portfolio
  • Core Global Equity – 30 Stock Concentrated Portfolio

These strategies are available for implementation on the platform of your choice.

This service includes reporting and commentary on the model portfolio.


We have provided such services to varied clients including the Australian Federal Government.

We are known for our expertise in critical minerals supply chain analysis.

Among projects we have completed:

  • Comprehensive global Rare Earth Supply Chain survey
  • Development of a thematic Food & Agriculture index and strategy
  • Quantitative systems for an equity risk model
  • Liquidity and trading cost screen for portfolio management
  • Survey of the Saudi Arabian mineral industry investment opportunity

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Bespoke investment consulting services are also available.

These include:

  • investment committee consultation
  • thematic industry research
  • investment strategy development
  • quantitative analysis services

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