About us

Jevons Global is a boutique investment advisory firm. Our speciality is to capture opportunities via innovative thematic analysis of changes in the global economy.

We provide investment solutions based on independent, entrepreneurial thinking and processes, supported by advanced technology and quantitative algorithms.

The focus of our team is thematic industry research to better understand change and disruption in the global economy.

Our mission is to give clients an edge by creating deeper, richer investment strategies that deliver superior results over the long term. We operate from Sydney, Australia.


Our firm was founded by Australian investor Dr Kingsley Jones CFA, who has over twenty years experience as a portfolio manager, research analyst and trader.

We saw an opportunity to harness Australian investment talent in global markets, working from a local base and using a uniquely Antipodean perspective.

Our vision is to create a global investment firm that blends the best of both fundamental and quantitative analysis.

We are named in honour of the polymath William Stanley Jevons (1835-1882), an inspirational figure in the history of economics who once lived in Sydney, Australia.